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Go from stressed to obsessed in a week or less.


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VIP Copywriting 
& Brand Messaging

Whether you’re short on time, writing’s just not your thing, or you’d rather pass it to a pro who can make your brand voice clear as a freshly-Windexed French door…

(Or maybe all of the above.)

I’m your woman. 

And that copy you’re stressed about?
Consider it written.

So many perks. So little time.

Less time waiting on drafts and revisions means you can get your site live and start selling sooner.

Ready to give your website or sales page copy a much-deserved makeover?

More collaboration gives you confidence that your copy speaks to your ideal client and represents your brand as well as you do.

Custom brand messaging ensures your copy can stand the test of time because it’s built on what’s really important to you.





Virtual Bookkeeper

10/10 recommend working with Abigail! She took what was in my head and put it into words that resonate with my target market and reflect my brand perfectly! I don’t know how she does it. Onboarding was easy and smooth. Communication was consistent and attentive. The VIP Experience exceeded every expectation!

If you want to feel clear and confident about your messaging, do your brand a favor and book!

VIP Web copy Experience



Before working with Abby, my website was generic and my copy didn’t represent my vision or help me stand out. I’m in LOVE with my website now. It shows my clients a clear picture of what it’s like to work with me before we even speak. I loved the detail Abby added to the research and strategy. She was really able to hone in on my needs and bring my brand to life.

If you struggle with giving your brand a voice, working with Abby is a must ! Totally worth it! 

VIP Web copy Experience


Virtual Bookkeeper

My copy used to be a touchy subject, but now I feel so confident in my website! I spent 6 months telling myself I’d get around to writing my own copy but kept putting it off because it caused me so much stress. After working with Abby, I feel like I can finally rest knowing that my copy shows the value in what I do (and sounds like me too!) 

Get your card out now! Don’t hesitate! It’ll be the best thing you ever do!

VIP Web copy Experience

Shannon & Emily

Social Media Mentors

We needed our sales page to tell women WHY our membership is unique and how we can help them, and Abby gave us the words needed to communicate our mission and value clearly. She sees your goals and aligns your copy to them. The copy reflects us so well, it’s unreal. On top of that, Abby brought so much joy and support to the process.

You’ll have so much FUN working with Abby! It’s worth every single penny! 



First, you book your dates & and gain access to your client command center, where you’ll fill out an in-depth brand questionnaire and find important links.

You’ll have your included brand messaging strategy call 1 week before your project kicks off so we can build your site on a strong foundation.

We start Day 1 of your project with a kickoff call to talk brand messaging, copy strategy, and confirm goals for each page. Then, I spend the rest of the day crafting your copy.

By Day 4, you’ll receive the first draft of your new copy via Google Docs. You’ll leave revisions, then we’ll hop on a collaborative Zoom call to review your copy together.

Day 5 is delivery day! You’ll have new copy you love (that you had a hand in creating) wireframed and ready to publish on your website by mid-day. Celebration time!

What’s Included

4 strategically wireframed pages of web copy or 1 conversion-ready sales page that speaks to your ideal audience and leads them to take action.



90-minute brand messaging strategy call with an in-house strategist that will help you build a brand that lasts.

Brand Messaging Guide PDF to help you stay consistent, create purposeful content, and communicate your values clearly. 



1 week of post-project email support to get questions answered as you implement your new copy.

Why It’s

Besides the whole “done lickety-split” thing, there’s another key difference between the Consider It Written VIP and other types of copywriting services:

We start with a firm foundation. 

Your VIP project includes a custom brand messaging strategy created by an in-house strategist (over a $1,000 investment on its own!)

Combined with detailed questionnaires, market research, & key clues from your original site.... 


I use your messaging to write copy that converts because it deeply connects with your audience.

brand messaging strategy 

makes your copy a built-in business resource.

You’ll discover & develop your…

Market Positioning
Ideal Client
Brand Voice & Personality
Brand Values

Plus, your included 1:1 strategy call & Brand Messaging Guide ensures you’ll know how to use your messaging to inform your visual brand identity, content pillars, business goals and more!

Book a free

Discovery Call

makes your copy a built-in business resource.

In less time than it takes your avocados to ripen, you could have…

Copy that communicates your value and personality sent to your inbox.

Non-sleazy sales page copy developed to connect & convert leads into clients.

Web copy that sells your offers and authentically appeals to your people.

Words that make prospects excited to work with you before you say a thing.

A messaging guide for long-term clarity on more than just your copy.

The weight of your website off your shoulders without having to write it yourself.

Beginning at $5,200

VIP Web Copy 

& Brand Messaging

VIP Sales Page Copy

& Brand Messaging

Beginning at $4,200

4 Wireframed Web Pages
Brand Messaging Strategy
Brand Messaging Guide
1 Week of Implementation Support

1 Long-form Wireframed Sales Page
Brand Messaging Strategy
Brand Messaging Guide
1 Week of Implementation Support

The  Investment

Beginning at $8,400

VIP Copy Combo

Total Experience

4 Wireframed Web Pages
1 Long-form Wireframed Sales Page
Brand Messaging Strategy
Brand Messaging Guide
1 Week of Implementation Support

1-week turnaround 

2-week turnaround 

1-week turnaround 

Need something a little different? I get it!
I know a set package might not cover your needs. Additional pages are available upon request.
Add-ons typically extend the project timeline by 2-4 business days.

Payment plans are definitely available, and I’ll even work with you to customize your own.

I write the site & the sales page. You save $1k.

Time is your most valuable resource.
(And unlike money, you can’t make more.)

Before your project: 3.5 hours
Includes completing an in-depth questionnaire and messaging guide review,
and your 90-minute brand messaging strategy call.

During your project: 3 hours 
Includes your kickoff/live review calls and periodic communication
and feedback with me during the writing process.

Time  Investment

And that’s it.
I do the rest and send it straight to your inbox.

*Cue happy dancing*

(And unlike money, you can’t make more.)

Time is your most valuable resource.


You already have a website (or a sales page), but the copy isn’t doing you any favors. Maybe you DIY’ed it, but what was “good enough” for a while isn’t cutting it anymore. You need copy that helps you sell your services, and you want it ASAP.

Copywriting isn’t one of your areas of expertise and you don’t have time to  make it one. Or you straight-up don’t want to. (I get that! I have those areas of my business too.)

You feel like your copy is bottlenecking your business. AKA, it doesn’t reflect your business, services, or brand message accurately anymore. (If fringe bangs can claw their way into the 2020s then 90s corporate lingo can make a comeback too.)




You’ll love The                                                if...

 VIP Experience 

 VIP Experience 

You’ll love The 


Do you offer any other packages?

When should I book my copy project?

How do I know if a VIP project is right for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

click here

Right now? Nope. This service was designed to give you the most value in the least amount of time, because we’re all short on that.

However, I know this isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. If your web copy project goes beyond the 4-page scope, we can easily work together to create a custom package. Most additions (extra pages, etc.) only add a few days to the project timeline. 

I’ll always be realistic about how much we can accomplish during our time together. If you have a custom request- all you have to do is ask!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any other packages?

As soon as you’ve decided to work with a copywriter. 

I’m typically booked a month or two out, so if you know you’re launching something or rebranding in the next 3-4 months, the time to schedule is now. You can book as far as 4 months in advance.

If you’re working with a brand & web designer, you should get your copy done first. (Brand messaging is needed for lasting brand design.) Communication with your web designer is available upon request.

If you’re working with an existing design or template, that’s fine too! We’ll discuss how to implement your copy on our first call together.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my copy project?


Frequently Asked Questions




If you have…

… this might be a great fit for you! I’m happy to hop on a discovery call to answer further clarifying questions.


An existing website or sales page that needs to be strategically rewritten (not just edited.)

A business with clear offers and deliverables undergoing a rebrand or upgrade.

The desire to explore your core messaging and collaborate to create copy that connects and converts.


How do I know if a VIP project is right for me?

If you have…

… this might be a great fit for you! I’m happy to hop on a discovery call to answer further clarifying questions.


Wanna work together but don’t need a website overhaul?

 The                                         is your jam! 

Copy Consult

Get professional eyes on your copy so you can feel confident hitting “publish” even if you can’t commit to a done-for-you project right now. (Or you’ve already done the work.)

Your Copy Consult will include...

A copy audit of up to 3 web pages. I’ll review your existing copy and make notes on how you can improve clarity, connection, and conversion. (And tell you where you’re already killing it!)

A 60-minute 1:1 session where we’ll review your audited copy together, discuss potential changes, and go over any questions you have. Then, you make the tweaks yourself.


Your Copy Consult will include...

The  Investment

Grab a snack and put your chatty pants on.
It’s time to strategize.

Copy Audit & Live Review

Copy audit & revision suggestions for up to 3 web pages.
60-minute 1:1 Zoom call with me & recording delivered to your inbox.
In-depth brand questionnaire & messaging evaluation.
3 business days of implementation support via email after our call.

Whats Included:

Pssst. Copy Consults do not include rewrites. 
If you want your website (re)written for you, let’s hang VIP style.

Copy Consult


Ready to 

And by thing, I obviously mean working together to create a website that shows future clients exactly what you’re made of. (And why they’ve gotta have you.)

do this thing?

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That’s what they call a double whammy.

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